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Zircom Corporate

Zircom Corporate’s focus is on the sale of businesses typically with an annual revenue of between $10 million and $50 million, although this depends on the industry and ultimate profitability of the business, so sometimes we work with businesses with lower or higher revenues. At Zircom Corporate you are always dealing directly with the owners without being delegated. This we feel is essential in understanding what is possible and what needs to be done to cover off quickly on the situations that can arise during a transaction or project. 

Our Managing Director, David Screaigh originally trained as a Chartered Accountant and importantly has a diverse corporate and professional background including experience in mentoring, chairmanship, strategic planning, management, directorship and accounting roles. He has held senior executive positions in a large private company group (turnover circa $250m) and a publicly listed company. For more than 30 years, David has successfully conducted many transactions and projects, and has been involved with many different industries.

Combining this knowledge and skills with his business sales experience means that David has an in-depth understanding of the essential factors that influence a business sale and he can provide clear, objective and practical advice to both buyers and sellers. Business sales and acquisitions can be complex and he understands and knows the issues that can arise. What is needed is “knowledgeable and experienced coordination” which involves assessing the situation and knowing what to do and when to do it and how to do it – which is different every time.

David also has the proven ability to liaise with professional advisors including accountants, solicitors, financial advisers, private equity specialists and tax specialists, when required. It is very rare to find someone who has this practical experience of all these disciplines. The ability to properly understand, answer questions and handle any serious objections from professional advisers can be a major factor in helping reach a favourable decision towards the sale or acquisitions.

As part of our process, each project is assessed, discussed and the needs identified. Often the project involves the complete business sale process – from assessing a business’ realistic market price, preparing an information memorandum, finding the right buyer and negotiating price and terms, then also liaising with accountants, solicitors and others during this process to ensure a smooth transaction.

Often we work with clients to derive a list of potential strategic purchasers. In some instances, our clients have an initial list of potential purchasers, but in all cases targets are also derived from our own extensive and focused research. We source buyers locally, nationally and internationally using established connections, direct approach and fresh, innovative sourcing solutions.

Price remains a critical factor for acquirers and sellers, but many other matters must be considered and managed effectively to complete the deal. The transaction or project facilitation is critical, so it is essential that Zircom Corporate stays closely involved throughout the transaction, frequently unlocking situations between solicitors, accountants and the parties involved. Zircom Corporate also has access to a referral network of solicitors, accountants, financial advisors and others if they are needed for specific purposes.

By engaging the services of Zircom Corporate you are gaining a partner that will be there from day one to the final settlement of your business or finalisation of the project being undertaken. This may be short term or long term, however Zircom Corporate will be there from start to finish in order to achieve your business objective.

Our remuneration depends on the project being undertaken, however is mostly success fee based with a nominal fee for any initial research and the information memorandum (if appropriate).