Realising Value for Sellers and Buyers since 1991

Our Services

As licensed business brokers and registered business valuers we are qualified and highly competent to assist you with the following:

Business Appraisals & Business Sales

We specialise in selling businesses in Perth, Western Australia. Our team are licensed business brokers that assist with the sales process from the initial appraisal of the business through to the final settlement of the business.

We sell all types of businesses including:

  • Health related businesses such as medical practices/centres, dental, pharmacy, optometry, physiotherapy etc.
  • Professional practices such as accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, financial planning, marketing, recruitment etc.
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Mining
  • Services
  • Caravan Parks
  • Food-related from production to distribution
  • Specialised/niche type businesses

We provide a professional and personalised service, with proven results. For more information on selling your business please click here


Business Valuation Reports

Being both Chartered Accountants and Registered Business Valuers we have the experience and knowledge to undertake formal business valuations for restructuring, internal/employee sales, CGT purposes and various other scenarios. We are competent to undertake formal business valuations because we actively sell businesses in the current market and have access to facts and data to support our opinions. Generally, we do not undertake valuations for family law purposes and court related disputes.

Buyers Advocate

Although we normally act for the seller, we can also be engaged to act for the buyer to find them a business and investigate possibilities on their behalf. Due to the nature of Buyers Advocate we normally charge an upfront fee together with a success fee.

Commercial Negotiations/Consulting

We sometimes see situations arise where a seller is already dealing with a buyer for their business or it is an internal sale, however during negotiations an issue has arisen and the potential sale has stalled. Due to our broad range of experience, knowledge and skills we can be engaged to step into the process at this stage and assist the seller in moving forward and finding a resolution. We have a lot of experience and are also a great sounding board, so we also undertake consulting engagements. 

Commercial Property Sales

If you are wanting to sell your business and also own the commercial property the business operates from, we are licensed to market and sell the premises which means you can sell your business and the premises at the same time.  It is always a good option to be able to offer the property and business together so a buyer has this choice, as sometimes their acquisition strategy includes the purchase of the property as well.